How-To Guides
Setting up a Class

The first step in getting started with Explode The Code Online is to set up a class. A class is one or more students. You can include all of your students in one class, or you can break them up into smaller groups. You may create as many or as few classes as you like. Think about how you might want to view studentsÕ progress; if there are certain students you want to compare against one another (by age group, etc.), you might want to put them in a class together.

Step 1
Click the red button labeled Student & Class Roster Management.

Step 2
Click Create your own class.

Step 3
Give your class a name. You may also describe your class (optional). When you are finished, click Create This Class.

This will bring you back to the main screen. There you will see your class listed under My Class Rosters. Repeat the steps above to add more classes.

Now that you have created a class, you need to add students to the class. Any individual student can be added to any class.