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Success Stories

    At-Risk or Struggling Students
    Beginning Readers
    English Language Learners
  • Lydia Gomez has been a teacher, vice-principal and principal at Bay Area schools in Northern California for 20 years and works as a supervisor of an after school intervention for at-risk students.

    Students at Lydia’s school who used Explode The Code Online made statistically significant gains on their annual state test, the California Standards Test (CST), in a control group comparison. The principal at Lydia’s school made the following observation regarding Explode The Code Online users at her school,

    “We have noted academic success for the participants through the analysis of our site’s informal assessments and the State’s CST results. Students in the second and third grades showed the most gains.”
  • Haley McGuire’s daughter started using Explode The Code Online when she entered kindergarten in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her daughter loved using the program and constantly chattered about the number of butterflies and airplanes she earned on a given day. She used the program consistently over the next two years.

    When Haley attended the back to school night for her daughter as a second grader, she was told by her teacher that her daughter was one of the strongest readers in the class. Haley was somewhat surprised later that year when her daughter’s teacher told her that her daughter had learning disabilities, including dyslexia.

    “The teacher was surprised because her learning disabilities weren’t reflected in her reading skills. My daughter was a strong reader.” Haley attributes her daughter’s strong reading skills to her use of Explode The Code Online.
    Haley explained, “The only thing my daughter did besides her ordinary school work was use Explode The Code Online. She spent a lot of time using the program because she liked it so much.”
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to recommend that the Explode The Code Online program be certified for use with Special Education students.

    My daughter is a Special Education student. She has severe Auditory and Visual Perception problems as well as being diagnosed with ADD. She participated in a Explode The Code Online after school program two years ago. it was a great program for her. She was motivated to learn. She got immediate positive feedback , as she worked step by step on the Explode The Code Online program. I think that the see it, hear it, say it, type it system used in Explode The Code Online was the multisensory program she needed to give her a boost to get her starting to read.

    Explode The Code Online gave my child the jumpstart she needed in a step by step phonics and comprehension reading program. I would like other children who struggle like my child to have access to the program.

    —[Name Withheld], San Jose, CA, USA
  • Rachel Seton has observed many positive effects that Explode The Code Online has had on her 2nd grade students.

    Rachel was not only able to see the progress of her students through the curricula, but she was also able to see their progress during school hours while she taught class. She could see that her students’ experience with Explode The Code Online “helped them to identify certain skills.”

    Rachel explained,
    “While teaching my own class, I noticed that my [Explode The Code Online users] became familiar with Language Arts concepts and specific skills such as vowel sounds, rhyming words, letter blends, etc.”
  • Rita Garcia has worked with English Language Learners and their families for the past four years as an academic coach and head tutor in San Mateo, California and expresses great enthusiasm for Explode The Code Online.

    “Explode The Code Online allows students that are not English native speakers to learn the essentials of literacy in a fun and easy to follow format.”

    Rita explains that the non-English speaking parents she works with like the easy to understand student interface and the symbols such as butterflies and bumble bees that represent student progress.

    Rita’s students also show strong enthusiasm for Explode The Code Online. One student exclaimed, “It is fun to do Explode The Code. It helps us learn to pronounce the words and helps us read.” Another student explained simply, “Explode The Code has helped me with my reading.”

    Not only did Rita’s students enjoy using Explode The Code Online, they also made statistically significant gains on their annual state test, the California Standards Test in a control group comparison.
  • Emma Hanson has used Explode The Code Online for three years as a teacher who works with English Learners in San Jose, California. Emma believes Explode The Code Online is a critical part of her strategy for supporting this population.

    “Explode The Code provides the phonetic development necessary for English learners. This program is a great tool for language acquisition, reading development and is fun for children as well.”

    Emma has numerous examples of students who have benefited from the program. One of her fifth grade ESL students tested at the Far Below Basic level before he started working with Explode The Code Online. After 15 weeks working with the program, he tested at Basic level on most strands in the California Language Arts Standards. Emma explained, “He is very proud of his hard work.”

    A fourth grade student who had used Explode The Code Online for two years also improved her performance from a Below Basic level to a Proficient and Advanced level on the strands in the Language Arts Standards covered in her work with Emma. This progress has produced more than stronger academic skills.

    “Meeting with success has greatly increased her self-confidence,” observed Emma.