Program Changes Introduced January 2011

New Mastery Class Report

A Mastery Report has been added to our suite of class reports.  You can now analyze the number of phonics skills your students have mastered using the Mastery Report.  The Mastery Report features time-based pre and post measurement of your students' phonics skills. Pre and post scores are calculated by the Intellitutor and identifies the percent of phonics concepts students have mastered based on the placement and progress of your students within a date range. 

New Language Support

Student reports are now available in Spanish. Teachers now have the option to set the language preference for the Student Summary Report.  When this preference is set to "Spanish", reports will be in Spanish when viewed from the student login page.  (Teachers will continue to see the reports in English when logged in as a teacher.)  This feature will help teachers to share student progress with parents whose native language is Spanish.  It will also help schools comply with State and Federal requirements of providing progress reports in a student's home language. 

New York State Standards

The State Standards Report Card for New York users now reflects the New York State Standards.  Other users will continue to see the California State Standards.  We will continue to add additional states in the future.