Program Changes Introduced April 2010

Subscription Details: Seats and Student Active/Inactive Status

We have increased flexibility to meet the diverse needs of your students through the use of Explode The Code Online seats. A seat is defined as access to the program for one active student user. Active students are students who are currently using the program, and those who are not currently using the program are defined as inactive.

Student User Flexibility

If you find that a student has completed his/her work in Explode The Code Online in its entirety before you have reached the end of your subscription, you may designate that student as inactive, freeing up a seat for another student.

Reaching Your Seat Limit

When students are added to a class roster, they are automatically assigned a status of ‘Active’. This is true until the number of ‘Active’ students reaches the number of seats that were purchased. Students added after the seat limitation has been reached are added to the roster, but are marked as ‘Inactive’ and are not able to log into the system.

If you attempt to activate an inactive student when the seat limit has been reached, you will receive a pop-up message prompting you to purchase more seats or to inactivate other students to free up a seat. To purchase additional seats, please contact Customer Service at or call 800.225.5750.

Once additional seats have been obtained, you can change the status of ‘Inactive’ students to ‘Active’ and these students can log into the system.  Student information and history are always preserved for all students, active or inactive.

Subscription Expiration Date

Starting two months before your subscription expiration date, you will receive an ongoing message on the Main Menu of your teacher or administrator account, counting down the days left on your subscription.

Grace Period

After the last day of your subscription period, you will be granted a 30-day grace period, in which your students may still access Explode The Code Online while you plan your renewal. After the 30-day grace period, if the subscription is not renewed, you will no longer have access to Explode The Code Online; however, you will continue to have access to the data related to your students in the Summary Report for 11 months.

Within this time, you may still renew by contacting Customer Service without needing to create a new account. To renew, please contact Customer Service at or call 800.225.5750.